GNSS-R Simulator

GNSS-R Simulator

Online Simulation Tool

Developed By:

Hyuk Park, Adriano Camps,

Yujin Kang and Manuel Martinez

Getting Started:

GARCA/GEROS Sim is a powerful tool. Get familiar below:


The power of GEROS/GARCA Sim is available from any browser


Results are generated from state of the art algorithms

Trust and Safety

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An end-to-end performance simulator for GNSS-R space mission have developed including the whole range of observation conditions, and instrument and platform parameters, in order to better understand, analyze, and quantify the performance of this GNSS-R space mission. The simulator has a user-friendly interface for parameter input, and users can conveniently simulate and analyze the DDMs and waveforms in various observation scenarios. The current version of GEROS-SIM L1 is available on the web ( for public use.