Author: <span>Park Hyuk</span>

Modeling of Arctic Sea Ice

Arctic sea ice is segmented from SMOS brightness temperature observations based on a Bayesian unsupervised learning approach. The obtained classes can be analyzed in terms of their temporal stability and separability. The resulting spatial patterns are then related to different sea ice types and thickness Segmentation results for the period …

GIS Tools Workshop

1) Tutorial on Python and Sentinel Hub (by Christoph): (The first 10-minute part is missed) 2) Tutorial on Database and GIS (by Adrian and Juanfran):

David Chaparro

David Chaparro was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, in 1988. He received the degree on Biology (2011), a M.Sc. in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (2012), a M.Sc. in Terrestrial Ecology (2013). He received the PhD (2018) on Remote Sensing (Telecommunication Engineering) from the Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya (UPC; Barcelona). …